New Trilingual Interpreting Materials, including Video Vignettes Now Available

From: Western Region Interpreter Education Center

Date: Wed, May 7, 2014 at 10:56 AM
Subject: News from the Western Region Interpreter Education Center

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May 2014
Issue 4
WRIEC Newsletter May 2014
We hope you enjoy WRIEC‘s March 2014 newsletter. You will find updates and upcoming events from both WRIEC, as well as our partner National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers (NCIEC).


You can always read more about our work on our NEW and IMPROVED website, 


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In This Issue
Evaluation and Grant Review
Trilingual Interpreting Task Force Update
Trilingual Interpreting Materials Available
Trilingual Interpreting Videos Available
ASL Immersion–Summer 2014
RID Region V in San Diego
It’s a Deaf Deaf World — Success!
Deaf-Blind Self Advocacy Training
ProTactile Trainings in Demand
Guam/Saipan Featured in RID Views
Deaf-Blind Service Learning Project
Lending Library Resources
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Happy Interpreter Appreciation Day!
Thanks to Joshua Jones, a DeafBlind man from Washington, Interpreter Appreciation Day was born to be celebrated the first Wednesday of May every year. To read more, visit the Facebook page here.

You’ll Be Hearing From Us

If you ‘ve received an email from the Western Region Interpreter Education Center before, you may have noticed this tagline:

WRIEC is a collaborative endeavor of Western Oregon University and El Camino College and a member of the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers (NCIEC).

PLEASE NOTE:  In an effort to assess the quality and impact of this federally-funded program, you may be contacted to participate in a follow-up evaluation.  If you do not want to participate in an evaluation, which is anonymous and voluntary, please reply to this email and your name will be removed.


As the five-year period of this federal grant is winding down, you’ll be receiving more requests to evaluate your interaction with our center. Perhaps we assisted you with a program or product, or a lending library resource, or you engaged in a WRIEC-sponsored activity. We’ll be sending you an email prompt to inform you of an opportunity to review our interaction. If you have more questions, please contact Pauline Annarino, Director, or CM Hall, Project Coordinator.

The NCIEC Trilingual Task Force (ASL/Spanish/English)
Trilingual Banner

The NCIEC Trilingual Task Force has been charged with the task of enhancing the knowledge and skills of trilingual interpreters. Now in its fourth year, a great deal has been accomplished, including the identification of the domains and competencies needed for trilingual interpreting utilizing effective practice protocols, all of which is chronicled in a new publication.


The NCIEC Work Team would like to thank the NCIEC Trilingual Task Force members for their contributions and commitment to moving the field of trilingual intepreting forward. Thank you to the following Task Force Members: Jose Bertran (PR), Edwin Cancel (OR), Yolkanda Chavira (TX), Carmen Mendez (PR), Paola Moreles (CA), Arlene Narvaez (CA), Yaira Rodriguez (PR), and Rafael Trevino (FL).


Look for presentations from Task Force members at RID Region V and CIT.

New Trilingual Interpreting Materials Now Available

NCIEC and the Editors of Toward Effective Practice: Interpreting in Spanish-Influenced Settings are proud to announce the completion of this long-awaited publication. This volume adds to the current body of research, literature, and resources by highlighting the myriad elements that comprise the trilingual “big picture.” Through its evidence-based content, the publication offers quantitative data to support long-time anecdotal beliefs. It provides future researchers, fund seekers, and educators with new data and reference materials to use as they move forward with their work. It offers practitioners a greater understanding of what they do and promotes strategies for mobilization. Finally, it educates stakeholders and the public, including employers, as to the nature and uniqueness of this specialization.


More than 40 individuals contributed their expertise, historical knowledge and cultural guidance. It represents an in-depth snapshot of specialization of ASL, Spanish, and English. The publication is free of charge as a download at NCIEC and in both English and Spanish. They can also be purchased as a bound hard-copy book at in black and white or full color.

Trilingual Video Vignettes Available

The NCIEC Trilingual Task Force is also pleased to announce the availability of Interpreting in Spanish-Influenced Settings: Video Vignettes of Working Trilingual Interpreters ASL/Spanish/English. This 2-hour, 42 minute program, divided over two DVDs, depicts trilingual interpreters at work in the following settings:

  • Social Services (37 min)
  • Adult Classroom (32 min)
  • Video Relay Services (16 min)
  • Parent-Teacher Conference (20 min)
  • Bonus vignette that includes additional VRS work (6 min)

    The two-disk set is fully captioned in English and Spanish, includes interpreter reflections and practice opportunities. To request a free copy of the DVD set, please email Madeleine Eames at

Please do stay tuned for new curriculum materials and trilingual trainings in the next 12 months.


The NCIEC Trilingual initative is co-lead by WRIEC’s Pauline Annarino, Diana Doucette of NURIEC, and Beverly Hollrah of GURIEC and Lillian Garcia Peterkin of NIEC. 

Registration is open now for the ASL Immersion this Summer in Oregon, July 25-27, 2014

This will be the 6th year of the ASL Immersion Silent Weekend, July 25-27, 2014. Silent Weekend is a regional skill development immersion activity over three days at Western Oregon University, conducted completely in ASL. This event brings on average 120 interpreters, ASL teachers, and students-Deaf and hearing alike-from AK, HI, WA, OR, ID, CA, AZ, NV, MT, LA, DC and other states. (Recommended ASL fluency at 2 years or more of study.)

“The camaraderie and energy of our (perfectly sized-both intimate & not too small) group was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t think I’d make new friends like I did or bust a gut laughing, but I did. It was truly an inspiration – the entire weekend. I like most that I surprised myself while there. I am shy and still developing my skills, confidence and grasp of the field, transitioning from ITP as a working professional. Exploring a space with colleagues, interpreting students, ASL students, seasoned and professional interpreters, Deaf educators, CDIs and ASL & Interpreting instructors brought out a commonality I wasn’t expecting that was not only special but very profound and immeasurably valuable. I came away with a renewed energy to continue doing what I love and for that I am extremely grateful & ready for next year!”

“Loved the amount of variety in programming.”

“The workshops were EXCELLENT!! Honestly, some of the best I’ve had. The workshops were EXCELLENT!! Honestly, some of the best I’ve had. I enjoyed and benefited from this so much more… I loved having Deaf presenters who were very qualified to teach the subject, over hearing interpreters teaching that same topic. Everyone was so relaxed and friendly, it made the weekend such a pleasant experience! I plan to attend every year!”

“I will continue to think about what I learned. Interesting, fun, and applicable. Thanks!”

“I was thrilled to see this workshop offered at Silent Weekend! Great job on opening our eyes to a new topic!!”
“I will be back every year if possible!”
“Best one yet!”

There will be opportunities to earn up to 1.75 CEUs during this weekend. If you are looking for some worthwhile workshops, some great entertainment, and a chance to sharpen your skills, then Silent Weekend is for you!


Early Bird Registration open NOW! $100 for 1.75 CEUs, or $75 for students. (Price goes up $25 after June 15th.) Link and register now here



Please email your proposals to CM Hall by June 1st. Workshops can be 3 or 6 hours. Please specify in your proposal the length of your workshop. Topics can touch on ASL, linguistics and/or interpreting.

Compensation for presenters:

  • 1 night’s lodging in the WOU Residence Hall per workshop presented.
  • $80 per workshop hour

For questions or comments, contact  CM Hall.


Link here to register now! Early Bird rate is $25 off before June 15th!

WRIEC is Proud to Sponsor the CEUs for RID Region V in San Diego, RIDing the Wave of Change

RIDing the Wave of Change

June 25-28, 2014

San Diego, CA.

We offer free CEU processing for regional RID affiliate chapter workshops. 
WRIEC is available and able to sponsor your workshop activity and academic coursework CEUs. Contact CM Hall for more info.

It’s a Deaf Deaf World Event was Huge Success!
WRIEC was pleased to partner with Cerritos College in hosting It’s a Deaf Deaf World on April 26th in Southern California. The target audience included ASL students and precertified interpreters with rich ASL workshops presented by Deaf leaders, including Leslie Greer, Ben Lewis, Barbara Ray-Holcomb, and Jeff & Sheila Lenham. The event included a separate workshop track for trilingual interpreters presented by Arlene Narvaez, and a Discover Interpreting recruitment presentation presented by Gilberto Partida. The whole day as well as the evening entertainment was filled with ASL. It was a pleasure to partner with Ed Kelly and Cerritos College in providing this ASL enrichment activity.

DeafBlind Self-Advocacy Trainers Eager to Serve

Ten DeafBlind individuals from ten states are now ready to instruct their peers in developing self-advocacy skills using the new DeafBlind-dedicated supplement to the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers’ (NCIEC) Deaf Self-Advocacy Training (DSAT) Curriculum Toolkit. All participants currently hold positions in organizations and agencies that serve DeafBlind clients and all are committed to taking the program out to individuals and groups in their home regions. You can read the complete wrap-up and more about the DeafBlind Self Advocacy initiative here.

ProTactile Trainings in the Western Region in 2014

The Western Region Interpreter Education Center sponsored a ProTactile Training for interpreters who want to further their skills as interpreters who work with DeafBlind individuals. aj granda and Jelica Nuccio presented an all-day training, hosted by Western Oregon University. WRIEC also provided technical support to the presenters in submitting proposals on their behalf to several 2014 conferences. Thus far, aj and Jelica’s ProTactile proposals have been accepted for the NADCIT and RID Region V Conferences! For more about ProTactile, visit

Trained Guam and Saipan Interpreters
Terrie Fejerang (Guam CEDDERS) presenting the Guam seal to CM Hall, surrounded by Guam's educational interpreters
Terrie Fejerang (Guam CEDDERS) presenting the Guam seal to CM Hall, surrounded by Guam’s educational interpreters

WRIEC’s work was featured in the RID Views (Spring/Summer 2013)! A recap of the work done with the Guam and Saipan interpreters is available in detail here.

Deaf-Blind Service Learning and Collaboration
For the 7th year in a row, the Western Region Interpreter Education Center has been preparing pre-professional interpreters to work in service with members of the Deaf-Blind community. CM Hall presented on this experience during a CIT poster session in 2012.

For eight months, students prepare, volunteer and practice working as sighted guides for Deaf-Blind folks which culminates in a week-long immersion experience, known as Seabeck. This has been in partnership with Western Oregon University, the Washington State Deaf-Blind Citizens, the Deaf-Blind Service Center and the Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind.

By September 2014:

  • 96 individuals will have gone to Seabeck, 9 of whom are Deaf.
  • Of the 96 who have gone, 81 women & 15 men
  • 17 have since become RID certified
  • 21 have returned to Seabeck a 2nd, 3rd, 4th 5th or 6th time to volunteer
  • Over $20,000 has been raised to fund trip activities

More photos and quotes from participants can be accessed here. For more on Seabeck, visit our website.

Additional WRIEC Services

Lending Library Resources Available
The Western Region Interpreter Education Center Lending Library has just been updated! It is now easier than ever before to look up the resources you are interested in. There are also over 60 new additions to the library!


The Lending Library includes more than 400 DVDs, CD-ROMs, videotapes, and books which can be used for skills development practice or to learn about Deaf Culture, American Sign Language (ASL), interpreting, and ASL Linguistics. The Lending Library Catalog is available here.

For more on the Lending Library, email CM Hall.

Did You Know?
Since the fall of 2013, WRIEC Project Coordinator, CM Hall, has been serving a two-year term on the RID Board as the Member at Large. More about RID and CM’s involvement is viewable here and a Street Leverage video interview in ASL is viewable here.
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