Monthly Trilingual Practice Session: July 28th

Image description:

A flyer with a black background and blue text reads, Mano a mano

Underneath is a white line

Underneath in blue text reads: TRILINGUAL PRACTICE SESSION underneath is a white line across the flyer. It reads in blue text, Open monthly practice sessions for trilingual (Spanish, English, ASL) interpreters – current and aspiring.

Underneath in yellow text, 2 hour session

Thursday, July 28th 


Left bottom of flyer: IMAGE of a Computer Display with a zoom style video conference cartoon image with outlines of people, one with a speech bubble, and a cartoon image of a book on top.

Right: VIA Zoom

Meeting ID: 869 5820 7799

Passcode: 432032

MaM LOGO the logo is two hands connected, the left one is in a sepia and the right is gray. It reads mano a mano in that sepia tone. There is also a sepia color circle around the hands and the phrase mano a mano.

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