Multicolored Mano a Mano flier for save the date. The flier is divided in 6 rectangles.

Top left rectangle is aqua blue with black text: SAVE

Midde right rectangle is yellow with black text: The Date

Top right rectangle dark blue with Mano a Mano Logo, and underneath the logo is white text: Mano a Mano

Middle left rectangle is dark blue with white text:


September 24th

September 29th

October 6th

October 8th

Bottom left rectangle is hot pink with white text: Celebrating our LatinX/E Heritage Month

Bottom right te table is dark blue with white text:

Zoom event

Contact us at


Become a member today!

Happy Labor Day! Join Mano a Mano. Access our webpage here: (El texto en español estará debajo del inglés.)

Visual description: An image split in half. The top part shows two people signing through a video call. Represents the working interpreter. The bottom part shows three camping tents in a natural open space and a person walks towards one of the tents. Represents the resting interpreter. In the bottom left corner is the Mano a Mano logo. In the center there is a deep red rectangle with white letters that says: “Become a member today! Whether you’re working or not, on this Labor Day, we recognize your dedication. In Mano a Mano, you will find professionals equally committed to trilingual interpreting as you. Join us!”


Workshop: Interpreting in National and International Conferences

[Image description: a blue background

On the top, with white font it reads in caps: Join Mano a Mano:

Below a white line across the page

Then, in yellow bold font reads: Interpreting in National and International Conferences

Below a white line across the page

In white font reads: Let’s connect with colleages that worked & participated this past Summer at NDPOC, WASLI, RID, MHIT & NBDA.

2.0 hours session

In yellow font: Thur, August 31st 2023

In white font: 4:00pm PDT• 5:00pm MDT, 6:00pm CT, 7:00 pm EDT

We welcome all Latines and Allies who are commited to improving their Spanish-ASL-English interpreting skills and Latine cultural knowledge, who want to build community.

Email to RSVP

Cost: Free

To the left corner, in caps and white font: Join via Zoom

Below an image of a Computer Display with a zoom style video conference cartoon image with outlines of people, one with a speech bubble, and a cartoon image of a book on top. 

To the center MaM logo. The logo is two hands connected, the left one is in a sepia and the right is gray. It reads mano a mano in that sepia tone. There is also a sepia color circle around the hands and the phrase mano a mano.


Hello, please join us in our social events in Baltimore this month! Join our Whatsapp group if you would like to be know more details:

See you there!

Video transcription: A black screen with white font that reads in cap letters ANNOUNCEMENT and Mano a Mano, with a white line between the banner. 

Two women waving hello.

To the left, a white cis latina with brown wavy hair, and bangs, wearing glass with a brown rim, silver hoops earrings, and a navy blue shirt with short sleeve, and V neck, with a blue background. At the bottom left of the screen there is a text that reads: Rep Región 2 | Mónica | she/ella pronouns. 

To the right, a latina with brown skin, curly long and black hair, sighted, with a black short sleeve shirt, and a blue backdrop.

Mónica & Mansilla: Hello, hello!!!

Mónica: Hi, I’m Mónica Gallego & this is my sign name,  (5 bent claw, tap twice on right cheek), I am connecting with you all from Maryland! My family is from Colombia! I am proud to be your region 2 representative. Hope you’re enjoying your summer. We are excited to announce an event coming up. 

The screen changes to Mansilla: (on the bottom of the screen it reads Mansilla VP she/ella)

Hi, I’m Mansilla, my sign name is open 5, right hand, on the right side of the face, wiggle fingers from top to bottom of the face. Born and raised in Perú, I live in Alabama, and I’m proud and excited to be serving Mano a Mano and all of you as the Vicepresident.

Mónica: At Mano a Mano we support the  professional development of interpreters who are committed to working in Spanish/ASL & English settings. We want to celebrate this unique work we do we want to be in community who by hosting event /social  where,  in Baltimore , MD why 

RID National conference! There will be two events –  July 26th @ 6:30pm & Friday, July 28


Next scene is a Black screen again that reads Trilingual Social and the dates July 26th & july 28th at 6:30pm.

Mansilla: You don’t have to be registered at the RID conference to attend! Come join us, maybe you live in town or nearby, or just happen to be in the area visiting, come! … location is still TBA, it will be announced..

Mónica: Please join us!! If you would like to get more details, please join our whatsapp group we just set up to keep you updated:  also shows up on the screen below Mónica.

Mansilla: If you are already registered at the RID Conference, we will also be hosting a lunch event on Wednesday, July 26 at 11:15 am at the Paca Room of the Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor. 

Please join us- It’ll be an opportunity to start the week of learning connected, and together. Looking forward to connecting with old friends in person, and meeting new ones, to build our community!

Mónica & Mansilla: see you soon!!! Bye!

Last screen is a black screen that reads follow us: facebook/manoamanoinc/


Mano a Mano – Trilingual Social: Baltimore, MD

Image Description:

A turquoise frame, with a white square in the middle that has an orange outline. 7 yellow stars on top of the white square.

In an orange background and white fond reads: Mano a Mano

To the top right corner the Mano a Mano logo. The logo is two hands connected, the left one is in a sepia and the right is gray. It reads mano a mano in that sepia tone. There is also a sepia color circle around the hands and the phrase mano a mano.

In orange font in the center reads: In person! Trilingual Social

Invite to all Trilingual (ASL/Spanish/English) interpreters and students!

Come to our Mano a Mano get together in the DC/MD/VA area!

In turquoise font reads:

Date: 07/26 & 07/28

Time: 6 p.m.

Location: Baltimore, MD.

More information soon!

In orange font reads:

Registration for the RID Conference, NOT needed!

Questions or RSVP:

Food and drinks on your own

To the left side an image of a bullhorn in yellow, orange and pink. A light skin hand with red fingernails is holding it.

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