Mano a Mano, Inc. has a new website address!

As of July 8, 2018, visitors can now go to to reach Mano a Mano’s website. The original domain,, is still active and will automatically redirect to the new website. Email addresses for board members have also been updated accordingly.

The change comes with the organization’s several initiatives to revitalize its communication with the membership and the public. Our new URL goes with Mano a Mano Inc.’s presence on social media outlets, such as Facebook (manoamanoinc), Twitter (@manoamanoinc), and Instagram (manoamanoinc).

Other initiatives that the board of directors are undertaking include the creation of a Social Media Committee and a Website Committee — which were announced earlier on the Mano a Mano website — and the introduction of our YouTube channel. All the initiatives mentioned here aim to strengthen the organization’s presence on social media and the Internet. Be sure to follow, like and subscribe wherever you see “manoamanoinc” to stay connected!

¡Mano a Mano, Inc. cuenta con un nuevo sitio web!

A partir del 8 de julio de 2018, los visitantes ahora pueden teclear para acceder al sitio web de Mano a Mano. El dominio original,, sigue activo y se redirigirá automáticamente al nuevo sitio web. Consiguientemente, las direcciones de los correos electrónicos de los miembros de la junta directiva también se han actualizado.

El cambio acompaña a las diversas iniciativas de la organización para revitalizar su comunicación con los miembros y el público. La presencia de Mano a Mano, Inc. en los medios sociales, tal como as Facebook (manoamanoinc), Twitter (@manoamanoinc)  e Instagram (manoamanoinc).

Otras iniciativas que la junta directiva están emprendiendo incluyen la creación de un Comité de Medios Sociales y uno de Sitio Web —los cuales se anunciaron anteriormente en el sitio web de Mano a Mano— y la presentación de nuestro canal de YouTube. Todas las iniciativas que se mencionan aquí buscan fortalecer la presencia de la organización en los medios sociales y el Internet. ¡Asegúrate de seguir, poner «me gusta» y suscribirtedondequiera que veas «manoamanoinc» para mantenerte conectado!

Mano a Mano social event during RID Region IV conference 2018

Mano a Mano, Inc. will be hosting a social event during the RID Region IV Conference in Albuquerque. The event will be on Friday July 20th, 2018 from 7:00pm-9:00pm. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet other Mano a Mano members and other trilingual interpreters in the region. See our flyer for more info.

Mano a Mano, Inc., estará patrocinando un evento social durante la conferencia de la Región IV del RID en Albuquerque. El evento tendrá lugar el viernes 20 de julio de 2018 de 7:00 p. m. a 9:00 p. m. No te pierdas esta oportunidad para conocer a otros miembros de Mano a Mano y a otros intérpretes trilingües de la región. Consulta nuestro volante para obtener más información.

RID IV Social 2018

New Website & Resources

Mano a Mano, Inc., a non-profit organization of interpreters who work in Spanish-influenced settings, has unveiled a new-and-improved website for helping to bring together trilingual (Spanish-English-ASL) interpreting stakeholders. The new website will allow new and old members to more easily register for membership with automated online tools and network more efficiently with interpreters, agencies, and all those who need information about trilingual interpreting and professional development activities.

David Quinto-Pozos, President of Mano a Mano, is very excited about the direction the organization is taking and has big plans for ongoing development of the website and a future directory of skilled interpreters.

“The need for a central resource to assist in the career development of interpreters who work in Spanish-influenced settings has never been greater,” says David Quinto-Pozos, “and this goes hand-in-hand with the fact that businesses and agencies have never been in greater need of finding skilled interpreters in their local markets. This creates a great opportunity for our organization to create a win-win situation for everyone for the betterment of the community.”

The site reveals a new logo and branding, an easy-to-read news and events section, key information about the organization, and a web-based method for becoming a member. The next phase of the project scheduled for later this year will allow for the creation of a comprehensive resources section, development of a directory of interpreters who work in Spanish-influenced settings, and provide Spanish translations of all the content.

The new Mano a Mano website has been designed from the ground up to provide a unique gateway to internet resources for interpretation in Spanish-influenced settings and support the advancement of interpreting into the future.

Mano a Mano, Inc.