Claudia Mansilla – Vice-President

Image description: brown-skin women smiling at the camera, long black curly hair. She is wearing brown glasses, a nose piercing, and a blue sweater. She is standing in front of a yellow wall.

Mansilla was born and raised in Lima, Peru. As an immigrant and a native Spanish speaker, she experienced firsthand the communication barrier when she arrived to this country and is aware of the encumbrances this represents. Therefore, it is very important to her to support people who go through this battle. Communication is not just key for the social realm, but also for job opportunities and better living conditions. It is Manilla’s desire to support both the Spanish speaking and Deaf communities, but her passion emerges when both of these two communities mesh together. In order to support the community, there must be support to the interpreters who work within it; since she obtained her ASL/English Interpretation degree at the University of North Florida, which was followed by her master’s degree in Spanish/English Interpreting and Translating at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, she has been providing support to her trilingual interpreter colleagues in New Mexico. Currently, she serves as the president of New Mexico Mano a Mano, and the vicepresident for Mano a Mano.

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