New Trilingual Interpreting Materials, including Video Vignettes Now Available

Trilingual Interpreting Task Force Update

The NCIEC Trilingual Task Force has been charged with the task of enhancing the knowledge and skills of trilingual interpreters. Now in its fourth year, a great deal has been accomplished, including the identification of the domains and competencies needed for trilingual interpreting utilizing effective practice protocols, all of which is chronicled in a new publication.

The NCIEC Work Team would like to thank the NCIEC Trilingual Task Force members for their contributions and commitment to moving the field of trilingual intepreting forward. Thank you to the following Task Force Members: Jose Bertran (PR), Edwin Cancel (OR), Yolkanda Chavira (TX), Carmen Mendez (PR), Paola Moreles (CA), Arlene Narvaez (CA), Yaira Rodriguez (PR), and Rafael Trevino (FL).

Look for presentations from Task Force members at RID Region V and CIT.

New Trilingual Interpreting Materials Now Available

NCIEC and the Editors of Toward Effective Practice: Interpreting in Spanish-Influenced Settings are proud to announce the completion of this long-awaited publication. This volume adds to the current body of research, literature, and resources by highlighting the myriad elements that comprise the trilingual “big picture.” Through its evidence-based content, the publication offers quantitative data to support long-time anecdotal beliefs. It provides future researchers, fund seekers, and educators with new data and reference materials to use as they move forward with their work. It offers practitioners a greater understanding of what they do and promotes strategies for mobilization. Finally, it educates stakeholders and the public, including employers, as to the nature and uniqueness of this specialization.

More than 40 individuals contributed their expertise, historical knowledge and cultural guidance. It represents an in-depth snapshot of specialization of ASL, Spanish, and English. The publication is free of charge as a download at NCIEC and in both English and Spanish. They can also be purchased as a bound hard-copy book at in black and white or full color.

Trilingual Video Vignettes Available

The NCIEC Trilingual Task Force is also pleased to announce the availability of Interpreting in Spanish-Influenced Settings: Video Vignettes of Working Trilingual Interpreters ASL/Spanish/English. This 2-hour, 42 minute program, divided over two DVDs, depicts trilingual interpreters at work in the following settings:

  • Social Services (37 min)
  • Adult Classroom (32 min)
  • Video Relay Services (16 min)
  • Parent-Teacher Conference (20 min)
  • Bonus vignette that includes additional VRS work (6 min)The two-disk set is fully captioned in English and Spanish, includes interpreter reflections and practice opportunities. To request a free copy of the DVD set, please email Madeleine Eames at

Please do stay tuned for new curriculum materials and trilingual trainings in the next 12 months.

The NCIEC Trilingual initative is co-lead by WRIEC’s Pauline Annarino, Diana Doucette of NURIEC, and Beverly Hollrah of GURIEC and Lillian Garcia Peterkin of NIEC.

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