Mano a Mano – Trilingual Social: Baltimore, MD

Image Description:

A turquoise frame, with a white square in the middle that has an orange outline. 7 yellow stars on top of the white square.

In an orange background and white fond reads: Mano a Mano

To the top right corner the Mano a Mano logo. The logo is two hands connected, the left one is in a sepia and the right is gray. It reads mano a mano in that sepia tone. There is also a sepia color circle around the hands and the phrase mano a mano.

In orange font in the center reads: In person! Trilingual Social

Invite to all Trilingual (ASL/Spanish/English) interpreters and students!

Come to our Mano a Mano get together in the DC/MD/VA area!

In turquoise font reads:

Date: 07/26 & 07/28

Time: 6 p.m.

Location: Baltimore, MD.

More information soon!

In orange font reads:

Registration for the RID Conference, NOT needed!

Questions or RSVP:

Food and drinks on your own

To the left side an image of a bullhorn in yellow, orange and pink. A light skin hand with red fingernails is holding it.

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