Image description:

Dark blue background

The logo of Mano a Mano at the top left-hand corner: two hands connected, the left one is in a sepia and the right is gray. It reads mano a mano in that sepia tone. There is also a sepia color circle around the hands and the phrase mano a mano.

A tan banner that reads in all caps with black font: MANO A MANO LATINE HERITAGE MONTH SERIES PRESENTS: IT COST TO BE THE BOSS

Below, in white font to the left: Many people enter into the field of interpreting through ITPs varying in duration, curriculum, and quality. Oftentimes students complete their ITP with a newfound understanding of language, ethics, culture, and interpreting. However, a great majority of those students complete their ITPs with little to no knowledge of the business journey on which they are about to embark. This lack of a basic fundamental understanding of the business side of interpreting negatively impacts both the individual and the profession at large. Unfortunately, many interpreters learn the hard way. Being that the actions of a few can affect the many, it is imperative to establish a solid foundation from the beginning which would, as a result, build the business acumen of our interpreter counterparts.

For: ITP students, interpreters towards certification & certified interpreters

Date: September 29th, 2023

Time: 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. CT

Location: Zoom

Free for Members


Students/interpreters towards certification: $15

Certified interpreters: $30

Presentation will be in Spanish and ASL

Below, in green font: RSVP or questions:

To the right side there are two pictures:

The picture at the top is of a Black man smiling at the camera wearing a magenta blazer and black v neck shirt underneath. His background is faded out but looks to be outside.

Below the photo in green font: Kenton Myers

The picture underneath is a Black man smiling earing a blue blazer, a white-collar shirt, and a red tie with white dots. His background is blue.

Below the photo in green font: Darren Reed

 At the bottom of the flyer, to the right in white font: RID & BEI CEUs pending.

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