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We collaborate with other professional organizations in order to provide resources and professional development opportunities for our trilingual interpreting members and educate our stakeholders and the general public about trilingual interpreting. We encourage you to visit the websites of our collaborators, the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and Council de Manos.


National Interpreter Associations Coalition

rs=h-125NIAC was established to facilitate the communication and exchange of different US associations representing the interests of interpreters and is open to appointed representatives of these associations.


National Task Force on Trilingual Interpreting

NCIECLogo_LargeThe trilingual English/Spanish/ASL community made National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers (NCIEC) acutely aware of the vast need for culturally and linguistically competent trilingual interpreters. In response, NCIEC established the National Task Force on Trilingual Interpreting in early 2011.

Comprising representatives of the Latino Deaf Community, the trilingual interpreting community, and the Consortium, the Task Force is charged with increasing the number of qualified interpreters able to interpret between English, ASL, and Spanish. It will accomplish this goal by enhancing leadership and awareness, determining effective practices around interpreting in trilingual settings and providing educational opportunities and resources.

Over a five-year period, which began in 2010, the Task Force actively guided the following projects:

  • Development and implementation of leadership training for trilingual interpreters and Latino Deaf individuals
  • Publication of a vetted slate of competencies and skills specific to English/Spanish/ASL interpreting; activities include conducting focus groups, completing a literature review, reviewing curricula and related materials, and distributing surveys
  • Provision of technical assistance and resources to trilingual stakeholders and interpreter educators regarding trilingual interpreting; activities include presentations at conferences and translation of key interpreter education materials.
  • Development of new trilingual interpreting curricula
  • Determination of the feasibility of ASL and Spanish Immersion programs
  • Availability of online and onsite trilingual interpreter training
  • Publication of a Standard Practice Paper and other articles that define and promote trilingual interpreting

For more information on the NCIEC, please visit

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