FEMA video announcing the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Community event held on January 7, 2023

[Transcript:] Hello! My name is Aaron Kubey, and I’m a Certified Deaf Interpreter and Communication Access Specialist for FEMA. I’m here with FEMA to provide disaster assistance for the recovery from Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Nicole. FEMA will be partnering with Anastasia Baptist Church in St. Augustine to host a Deaf/Hard of Hearing community event on Saturday, January 7th, from 12-5PM. We will have several different FEMA programs available to help survivors register, give more information about what disaster assistance may be available, and to provide updates on the progress of your application if you’ve already registered. Anastasia Baptist Church is located at 1650 A1A South in St. Augustine. Again, the event will be Saturday, January 7th, from 12-5PM. We hope to see you there! Please help spread the word with your friends and family and anyone else who you know that might have been impacted by either Hurricane Ian or Nicole.


Are You a Trilingual Interpreter Working in Mental Health?

Visual description: BAM, the Visual Gestural Specialist for ODS, in front of a gray backdrop. He presents as a seated Black male with braided black hair, a short goatee, and tattoos on both forearms. He is wearing a short gray sleeve shirt with a sleeveless black zip up vest over it. There is a small patch on the left chest area that reads, “Alabama Department of Mental Health.” He has a black watch on his left wrist.

[Image Description] Neutral color background with light brown flower art on both corners of the flyer with small white dots in the middle. Center of the flyer there are 11 raised hands each representing different ethnicities. Below that off-white box says “Are you a Trilingual Interpreter Working in Mental Health?” Come Join Us to Share Your Experiences and Learn From others Like You!” “Facilitators: Sandy Pascual, NIC, MA, MBA, QMHI, CCHI & Mansilla, QMHI, MA BEI ADVANCED TRILINGUAL, NIC.” The lower left of the flyer in a light brown oval says “When: Nov. 5th, 2022. Where: Zoom. Time: 9 a.m. PST/ 10 a.m. MST/ 11 a.m. CST/ 12 p.m. EST Free of charge.” On the right-hand side of the flyer says “Registration: HTTPS://FORMS.OFFICE.COM/G/FBDRZWPESV Send your registration by 10/21/2022.” At the bottom it has 4 different logos belonging to different organizations, a black circle with white
letters RID, below that is a white rectangle with black letters ACET: Associate Continuing Education Tracking, and next to that in dark red letters Mano a Mano with 2 hands reaching for each other, next to that in blue letters placed in different order MHTI. Below that says “ODS is
an approved RID CMP Sponsor for continuing education activities. This program is offered for 0.2 CEUS at the PS Content Knowledge Level. RID Activity code 0263.1122.14 ODS promotes an environment of mutual respect free of discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation,
race, religion, or any other protected class. For more information; and for reasonable accommodations, contact us at: or”


Last Day!: Makeba Orr Smith Scholarship

Friday is your last day to apply for the Makeba Orr Smith Scholarship!

It’s open to all BIPOC interpreters looking to become nationally certified. You must have already passed the NIC written exam.

This scholarship
– Provides you with mentorship for testing
– Will cover the cost of the national test

If you’d like to apply, please visit the link below!

Recipient winners will be announced on October 10th!

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