Photo of Orlando Obeso

Orlando Obeso

Membership Chair: Orlando Obeso, BA, BS

Photo of Orlando ObesoA native New Mexican, and first generation American, Orlando grew up in Roswell, New Mexico in a Spanish-speaking household. His parents, a Chihuahuense mother and Sinaloense father, spoke only Spanish in the home and as a result, raised 3 native Spanish-speakers, who at an early age became fluent bilinguals of Spanish and English. Orlando went on to graduate from the University of New Mexico in 2012 with a BA in Linguistics and BS in Sign Language Interpreting. Since then, he has worked as a community freelance interpreter, a trilingual VRS interpreter, and currently works at the New Mexico School for the Deaf as a trilingual staff interpreter. He has had the opportunity to work internationally and experience interpreting abroad, an experience that has sparked a deeper passion for trilingual interpreting and exploring the diverse cultures of Latin America. Orlando also currently serves as the treasurer for his local Mano a Mano chapter: New Mexico Mano a Mano. He hopes to improve services for Deaf and Spanish-speaking communities through the development of trilingual interpreters by providing educational opportunities that foster professional and personal growth.